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Hashtag Chennai is a reputed SEM Company in Chennai with proven results. We help businesses dominate on Google to maximise ROI and increase sales.

Best Search Engine Marketing Company in Chennai

Do you know the search statistic of Google? According to reports, people perform more than 100 million searches per month. To gain huge traffic, a website needs a powerful web presence.
It can be just as difficult for a new business to establish its online presence as it is to drive organic traffic. It takes a unique skill set and the dedication of a skilled team to create effective and impactful strategies in the highly competitive PPC market.
In Hashtag Chennai, we use the best Google Ad words technique to deliver immediate results and a satisfying ROI.
Our Pay-Per-Click campaigns are strategically planned to help businesses and brands grow and be prominent in a digitally saturated space.

Search Engine Marketing Services in Chennai

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a method used to improve the visibility of your business on SERP. It is referred to collecting techniques, tools and strategies that optimize websites and their pages’ web presences through ads or PPC.

Pay Per Click (or) PPC

PPC marketing is an advertising strategy that drives targeted traffic to your website via paid promotions.

Hashtag Chennai is the best PPC Company in Chennai that helps you reach your target audience via search engines such as Google Ads and Bing Ads.

Our unique advertising strategy has helped many clients achieve their dream sales.

Our PPC Agency in Chennai will ensure that you get your money’s value with every click. So you only have to pay the times the ads have been clicked.

How do Ads works?

Advertisers have to pay search engines like Google to display their ads in SERP. It generally happens through Ad-Auction, an automated process that determines certain ads’ significance and viability.

Keywords are what advertisers and competitors bid for. Keywords refer to terms that an average user would search in search engines.

Major Advantages of PPC in SEM

PPC marketing, also known as Search engine marketing, is the best way to get new traffic to your site and reach your target audience. Although organic reach is important, it’s not the most effective way to reach a larger audience.

Pay per Click advertising has many advantages.

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PPC advertising is highly targeted. PPC ads are highly targeted. It is based on keywords and online history, location, or other factors.

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Not relayed on SEO

PPC is not influenced by your website's search engine algorithms. So you can focus on your audience, not ranking.

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Instant Results

PPC Advertising shows instant results. You can track every action, even the clicks of your campaign. Unlike SEO, you don't have to wait to see results.

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Your chances of being found by your target audience are higher if you target them with the right keywords. Although general keywords won't generate more sales, they will indirectly promote your brand as an authority in the field.

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Capable Customers

Since PPC works on a targeted audience, it is a huge opportunity for your business to find potential customers.

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Fixed Budget

: One of the best things about PPC is it doesn't require you to pay for how many times your ads are displayed. You only have to pay the times the ads have been clicked.

Hashtag Chennai, the best PPC agency in Chennai, can help your business improve quality lead, sales and ROI.

Our Google Ads Service

We are the best PPC Agency in Chennai and offer the best value for money. However, it can be difficult to determine which ads are best for your business and which methods will bring you more traffic if you are new to search engine marketing.

 We’ve outlined the various types of PPC ads you should consider for your business and how we can assist.

Search Ads

Search Ads are one of the most popular types of ads. These ads usually appear when users search in search engines. 

Search ads indicate as “AD”. It appears at the top of the actual ranking.

In Hashtag Chennai, we make it easier for users to visit your website by attaching both text and a link. We understand the importance of a better user experience like no one else!

Display Ads

Display ads appear when people visit sites on the Google Display Network.

Display ads may not reach people searching actively for your products or services. However, your ads will still reach a targeted audience that is likely to be interested. It can help you reach a wider audience or a completely new one than just through search.

Display Ads targeting lets you choose where and when your ads are shown, based on the characteristics of your ideal audience. It includes their age, gender, interests, and gender.

As the best Google ads agency, we make sure your ad will appear on websites related to your business or users that match your criteria.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is also called retargeting ads. Remarketing is an email or ad you receive from a company after you visit their website but have not made a purchase.

Not all people who visit your website go away because they aren’t interested in what you have. Perhaps they are taking their time, not sure if they want to spend the money or running out of time.

Our remarketing strategy helps you reach out to previous visitors, offer them an incentive and promisingly turn them into customers.

We target potential customers by placing your ads so that they are relevant to your product.

Social Ads

Leading social media platforms such as FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter have adopted pay per click advertising. Social ads cover all paid ads that appear on social media platforms.

These ads can bring enormous advantages for advertisers. Social ads can be very effective in driving conversions and engagement, and that is because 90% of users use their mobile phones to access them.

The best PPC agency Chennai we plan your social ads in a way it offers many lucrative opportunities to increase the ROI of your digital marketing campaign.

Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are another paid ad that is very effective in product marketing.

These ads are presented in a carousel format and give an overview of similar products on different websites.

Google Shopping Ads offer a digital platform for window-shopping.

You can browse all products, read customer reviews, compare, and choose the best one.

We love our clients and they love our work

We are a result-oriented company where we have helped our clients rank on Page 1 against their competitors. We can do the same for your business!

Our Results Speak For Themselves

We are a result-oriented company where we have helped our clients rank on Page 1 against their competitors. We can do the same for your business!

Why Hashtag Chennai


What is SEM?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM refers to digital marketing that promotes a website and increases its visibility on search engines through ads.


What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO and SEM have a lot in common. SEO is a longer-term strategy that can take several months to see significant ROIs.SEM is paid version, and it is a better option if you're looking for an immediate strategy to generate leads and sales, especially if you are new to online business.

How do I start SEM campaign?

First, choose the keywords you want to target for your company. Next, register for a Google Ads account and create your Google Ads campaign. You can break down your keywords into groups and set a monthly budget. Once your campaign is live, create your landing page and ad copy. Then monitor performance to optimize your campaign for your goals.


How to measure my SEM results?

You can use Google Analytics to measure and track SEM performance. For example, you can track the number of conversions from SEM by setting up goal conversions within Google Analytics.

How to choose the right SEM agency?

Each SEM Company is unique in the quality and range of its services. Some key factors will help you determine which SEM vendor is the best: experience, number of clients, size, employee turnover rate, testimonials and success stories. These can be small insights about the agency.